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More than a smileAssuring productive and fulfilling futures for children in rural China beginning with their early education has an importance of profound economic and political dimensions, nationally and internationally, recognized at the highest policy-making levels in China. In reality, however, the effort is hindered by unfavorable school conditions and a lack of programs that promote creative and independent thinking in a stimulating learning environment.

With the support of individual donors and corporate sponsors, China Schools Foundation, Ltd., a Hong Kong tax-exempt charity, believes that by marshaling readily available learning resources and calling on talented educators sharing the same vision and purpose, dramatic results can be achieved at modest costs in village and township schools throughout the country with a well-coordinated, ‘whole school’ program that deals with:

  • school infrastructure problems
  • lack of teaching resources
  • inadequate teacher training
  • health care problems
  • the need for community involvement

How China responds to this challenge has great implications for the lives of its  approximately 100 million primary school students. It also brings into focus the larger question of what the cost and consequences will be if the nation fails to develop this human capital into a productive force that can easily integrate with and bring value to an increasingly sophisticated domestic and global economy in which China plays such an important part.

With over 80 years’ experience in Hong Kong in education, business and charitable activities, CSF founders and staff bring dedication and experience to the challenge, but most of all, hope that those who can bring needed talents and resources will recognize the importance of the mission and join the effort.